About Us

Who is HoopFam?

Every member of the HoopFam team earned an athletic scholarship, and has years of coaching experience.  HoopFam has helped many high school athlete’s dreams come true and helped them get paid to live that dream.

How Does the HoopFam System Work?

HoopFam works with you to develop a personalized strategy for obtaining a college offer.  We do NOT do all the work for you because college coaches want to communicate with real athletes and observe your desire to play college basketball.  HoopFam prepares you, get’s college coaches to notice you, and then helps you interact with coaches until you land the offer you desire.

Join HoopFam for FREE and get educated about college recruiting.
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Hoopfam will teach you how to create a highly-visible and effective online profile
HoopFam will prepare a highlight video(s) and write a letter to college coaches
HoopFam will coach you through the entire recruiting process

Why should you join HoopFam?

According to the NCAA, only about 2% of high school athletes are awarded athletic scholarships to compete in college, and the average athletic scholarship is worth more than $18,000.  The real question is, why haven’t you joined HoopFam yet?

What About the HoopFam Client Stats?

Received a guaranteed spot on a college basketball team.
Received athletic scholarship money.
Received an offer that covered more than half of all college costs.
Had average high school basketball statistics.
Did not start on their high school basketball team.
Received a “full ride” college basketball scholarship.
Are International student athletes.

Competitor Comparison

Services HoopFam Other
Career Program Cost $299 - $349 $900 - $2,500
Personal Recruiting Coach Yes Yes
Help Identifying Target Colleges Yes Yes
Highlight Videos Yes Yes
Help with National Recruiting Profile Yes Yes
Custom recruiting letter sent to coaches Yes --
One Time Cost For All Services Yes --