HoopFam Affiliate Program

(aka Commission or Reseller Program)

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How the Program Works…

gives you a link with an unique ID/URL
publish the link on your social media and website
click your link and are directed to the HoopFam website
Recognizes your unique link/ID and pays you a commission
spend your money on whatever you want

You have no risk and no cash investment; just potential to earn commissions. Nobody is going to try and sell you anything. There are no hidden fees or tricks. Your commission is 25% of anything that someone you direct to the site purchases. Our ‘Pro Plan’ costs the buyer $349 – you’d earn $87.25 on that sale. Yes, it really is that easy.

You’ll be Promoting a Great Product

HoopFam helps high school, college, and international students find basketball scholarships. We cost less than 20% of our competitors and we have a much higher success rate.

Services HoopFam Other
Career Program Cost $299 - $349 $900 - $2,500
Personal Recruiting Coach Yes Yes
Help Identifying Target Colleges Yes Yes
Highlight Videos Yes Yes
Help with National Recruiting Profile Yes Yes
Custom recruiting letter sent to coaches Yes --
One Time Cost For All Services Yes --

How Good Are We?

  • HoopFam Client Stats:
  • 100% received a guaranteed spot on a college basketball team.
  • 93% received athletic scholarship money.
  • 57% received an offer that covered more than half of all college costs.
  • 42% had average high school basketball statistics.
  • 29% did not start on their high school basketball team.
  • 27% received a “full ride” college basketball scholarship.
  • 12% were International student athletes.

HoopFam Affiliate Program Steps

1. Create your FREE account here: hoopfam.com/idevaffiliate

We only request the information we need to pay you and send you the required end-of-year tax documents, including; (1) PayPal Email Address, (2) Company Name, (3) Tax ID, SSN or VAT, (4) Name, (5) Phone Number, (6) and Physical Address. We secure all of this information for your privacy.

idevaffiliate account login

2. Access your FREE dashboard immediately after signing up to see your personal affiliate dashboard displaying your sales and commissions history.

idevaffiliate dashboard

3. Your FREE dashboard also includes customized marketing materials that you can download and use to help increase your commissions.

Select "Marketing Materials" to display marketing options. Select a marketing option and download the content to share with potential buyers.

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